I am not listed?

Or you refuse affiliates?

I have had very bad experiences with web designers in the past – in the past I mean when I first started web design. Many people get so caught up in “who/what is popular” for the number of shrines or fanlistings they have…they often forget about drama that can start.

A lot has happened over the last ten years – the development of my designs from learning a basic tables layout to me finally experiencing DIVs. However, I do not put up with people being straight up rude or gossiping about people on social media. It almost creates a nice feel of elitism when you do that.

Elitism? What? Who is the webmaster of this page think she is calling people out on elitism? Everyone has a different definition and maybe mine is different than yours. I have started to refuse affiliate requests on any of my websites for the following reasons…this may help you understand my reasoning why I am starting to refuse people as affiliates:

1. Making fun of someone’s design skills, no matter how great your skills are. So what? Who cares that you have the latest WordPress layout and fancy texture? You are no better than anyone else. We are all human.

2. Gossiping about others on social media. People, we’re not five years old. Most of have been doing this web design stuff for well over six years now and most us are at least in our mid-20s. Grow up, yes? I will remove your sites if I see such behavior.

3. Discriminating based on religion, sex orientation or preference, gender, majority/minority, pairing preference, race, and so forth.

4. Having hateful content or not marking extreme adult content with a warning. Some people are not all familiar that the movie Ted is an adult film, so keep in mind there are some people not familiar with the latest incest story in some adult anime or manga.

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